Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Year 10 Market Research for Brief Development - Austin

Year 10 students have been making questionnaires using Google Forms.
They want to find out about how people use mp3 players.

Austin designed a Google Form and sent it out to get some answers to his questions ...

He then looked at the summary of responses that came from the form.
He copied and pasted these onto a Google Doc.

What colour do you prefer?

What size do you want?

What music do you listen to?

What shape should it be?

What brand should it be?

Then, Austin looked at this information and summerised it into a few bullet points.

Market Research Summary

I found from my research:

  • Red and Blue were the most popular colours
  • Normal,small sized was the best
  • Oldies were the popular music people wanted listening too
  • Rectangle sized phone was the most popular shaped phone
  • Most people wanted the phone brand apple

His next step will be to use this information to write his own design brief and specifications, before he starts on some design ideas.

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